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“After my distance session, I felt renewed with energy. It is like every cell in my body feels more whole. Like something that was weighing me down is gone. Thank you! Big universal love hug for you.”
by M.M.,60

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Yummy Dairy and Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate Mix

Boulevards Hot Chocolate is hands-down the best hot chocolate you will ever have. Seriously. It’s produced by a family-owned business, so you can feel good about supporting our local economy. To top it off, all of their products are wheat-free. You just can’t go wrong!

My favorite way to drink the dairy and sugar-free version? With unsweetened vanilla almond milk. My sister is a-okay with sugar, so she tried the dairy-free version and LOVED it as well.

These products are a must-try. And it’s a perfect treat for Sunday mornings or when you find yourself snowed in. ;)

Happy Eating (and drinking)!

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