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“"By my third BodyTalk session I felt like I was floating on water and had entered a new world. My life had completely changed - and in ways even my friends and family could not deny. I finally felt secure, knowing I held all the power I needed within and that I did not have to carry the burden and shame from previous actions or lives. BodyTalk has profoundly impacted my life's journey!"”
by T.W., 35

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Wheat, Dairy & Sugar-Free Breakfast Option Courtesy of Nature’s Path

Sometimes I get really burnt out on breakfast. I can only have eggs and protein shakes for so long. And then, I’m craving something different, but cereal is often too sugary. However, recently I concocted a Nature’s Path cereal combo that I fell in love with.

If you’re looking to add a new kick to your breakfast routine, try this out:

-1/2 c Nature’s Path Hemp Plus Pumpkin Granola
-1/2 c Nature’s Path Organic Whole O’s (sweetened with pomegranate juice concentrate!)
-2 T flax seeds, ground
-1 banana sliced
-Vanilla almond milk

Yum! Happy Eating!
Heather :)

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