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“I just listened to the distance healing session and was awestruck. I was not really prepared for how intense that was going to be. I could clearly see that everything that I had just experienced (in the past 24 hours) had been addressed in the healing! Listening to it was like experiencing the completion of the healing. So magnificent, and THE most intense experience of my life. Thank you!”
by M.A., 33

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Yummy Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Sunflower Seed Butter

This is my new favorite wheat-free, dairy-free food–sunflower seed nut butter. Trader Joe’s has a delicious version that I highly recommend. Try it as a snack or substitute for peanut butter on a sandwich. Other options to add sunflower seed nut butter to include:

-On a brown rice cake.
-On a banana or apple.
-On a spoon with some grain-sweetened carob chips. :)
-Dip whole-grain crackers in (like Mary’s Gone Crackers).

Are you already a fan of sunflower seed nut butter? If so, tell us how you prefer to use it.

Happy Eating!

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