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Portland State University Presents the Reality of the Iraq War

For finals week, Portland State University presented a startling scene in the South Park Blocks. From far away, they looked like white and red flowers, but as you moved in closer you noticed that they were actually small white and red flags. There were thousands more white flags than red. And with these small flags, decorated on a beautiful lawn, PSU students brought the reality of the Iraq war to Portland, Ore.

Each red flag represented at least 5 Americans killed in the war. And each white flag represented at least 5 Iraqi’s killed in the war.

I stood in silence and said a prayer for all of these people who never asked for any of this. In addition, I prayed that 1/20/09 would arrive sooner, rather than later.

If what’s happening in Iraq is “freedom” bringing and the glory of “democracy,” we’re in big trouble. Thanks a lot George W.

Oh and by the way, I wonder why our economy is struggling? Check this out.


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