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“I am so amazed by this past (almost) two weeks. Things have been so different. I have a hard time describing the exact change, but I have a peaceful and calm feeling about me. I am able to be more present and I just feel right...Overall, I just feel happier and definitely sense a change within me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You do such amazing work. I look forward to our next session and continuing to work on things for even further improvement. I am so grateful!”
by D.E., 37

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Read Heather Strang’s Story in 20 Something Manfiesto

It’s finally here!
20 Something Manifesto is a book filled with 20-something stories, meant to empower 20-something’s into living their best life. Author Christine Hassler, accomplishes exactly this.

Read my true story of inspiration after marriage and divorce (twice!) during my 20′s. Not surprisingly, what appeared at the outset to be my biggest life mistakes quickly became my greatest lessons. Had I not been married, I would never have become the fabulous Heather that I am today. ;) Incidentally I learned that it had NOTHING to do with the boys and everything to do with my growth and development as a woman.

Order a copy today! It’s a perfect gift for the 20-something in your life or for your own reading pleasure.

Much love,

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