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“I have been making more money since the Be a Money Magnet series began than I think I have ever made in my life! I have definitely been more light-hearted, happy and giddy as I feel empowered making money. I am calling it in and it feels amazing!! Thank you Heather for holding the space and energy to get real and empowered with money. I feel like I have cleared out so many money cobwebs and it is rolling in. I realized I am charging about five times what I was charging in April of this year for the same service. It feels incredible to ask for what I want and not be attached to people saying yes or no. But people keep saying yes. They want my service even though I am charging more than ever before. I am still in amazement and feeling so grateful!!”
by A.L, 36

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Use Fairy Cards for Daily Inspiration

So, tomorrow is Monday morning. The first full work week in quite some time for many of us. Anyone besides me less than thrilled with this prospect? I know, I know - you didn't think about it until I mentioned it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

BUT, I do have a solution.

A great way to kick your Monday (or any day for that matter) into high gear is to purchase a deck of Doreen Virtue's healing cards. I have her Fairies deck - recommended to me by a good friend. The cards are beautifully illustrated and can be used to give yourself and others readings (think Tarot, but prettier and cooler). Or you can pull a card every morning to receive guidance in a particular area of your life, complete with an uplifting affirmation to clear any negative energy.

While it may sound a bit "out-there" for some of you - it's 1) a lot of fun and 2) eerily insightful. I cannot tell you how many times I've pulled a card, only later in the day to discover exactly why I pulled that particular card. Lots of great insight and it really gets you excited for the day ahead. So, get a deck and start your day off with a shot of insight and inspiration!

I've also had a reading done by a friend using the Ascended Masters cards, and they are also beautifully illustrated and fabulous.

If you already use Doreen Virtue's cards - let me know which decks you love. If you end up trying them out - let me know your discoveries.

It's an inspiring addition to my day - which is perfect for the writing life!

Happy Writing!
Heather :)