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“Heather Strang is a compassionate and committed BodyTalk Practitioner who has patience with clients even when they are going through a healing crisis. She maintains firm boundaries and has the ability to not become engaged in someone's drama so that she can support them through it. Heather's sessions have accessed areas of my energetic body that were blocked and constricted which sped up the flow in my life. I had difficulty letting old hurts go but thanks to Heather these old emotions resolved. Since I am in California I work with Heather by distance and see a practitioner in my city for in person sessions. The balance is great in terms of healing. I highly recommend Heather because she strengthens your trust in yourself. Which is what healing with integrity is supposed to do.”
by M.E., 29

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Suncakes Rock the Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free and Low Sugar World!

Recently, I went to visit Java Nation in Beaverton, Ore. – the newest no-Starbucks alternative for those in favor of supporting small businesses (and besides, Starbucks has zero food offerings for us wheat-free, dairy-free, low sugar folks!) – for some peppermint tea, free wi-fi and goodies.

Fortunately, I discovered Heart Thrive energy bars by Sun Cakes filled with vegan ingredients (and no refined sugars!), not to mention delicious taste, high fiber and calcium.

These sun cakes are power packed! But, beware – while two come in a package, you only want to eat one at a time. They’re very filling, which makes them the perfect healthy snack, but eating two at once just might be too much. I tried the chocolate chip and while very wholesome the chocolate chips gave it a nice kick. Oh, and I just saw on their website that when you place your first online order you receive 6 free sun cakes. Nice!

This is now my fave new snack when on the go.
Do you have a favorite wheat-free, dairy-free and low sugar snack? If so – do tell!

Happy Eating!
Heather :)

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