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“My work with Heather has allowed me to free up emotional blocks around feelings or worth and intimacy. Throughout our work together, I have been able to shed old beliefs and release negative patters and fears. This has recently culminated in the extraordinary event of falling deeply in love with an extraordinary partner. I am so thankful everyday for the events that have led me to this moment in time, and I know my work with Heather played a huge role in being ready to say a resounding, “yes” to what I have always wanted but never before felt I deserved. I cannot recommend Body Talk with Heather highly enough!!!”
by K.G, 34

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Happy Holidays to All the Writers in the World!

Hey folks,

Happy Holidays!
Wishing you the best, most relaxing and enjoyable holiday ever.

And if you're dreaming of taking a vaca to Kauai, Hawaii - check out my recent article in the Oregonian on how to do so on a budget.

Much love,
Heather :)