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“"Doing Bodytalk with you is the single most effective healing modality I've ever experienced (tied with a regular meditation practice/eating right and exercise) and, for me, that's saying A LOT because I've done many, many, many of them.”
by H.J., 34

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Best Lunch EVER

I’m the kind of person who finds a meal/dish I love and then I eat it incessantly until I can’t eat it anymore. Can you relate? If so, you will be hooked on my new found favorite lunch.

Ezekiel English Muffin, toasted
2T Tofutti cream cheese, slathered on both slices
Sliced turkey breast on top of each muffin
2T fresh salsa – LOVE Chachies Salsa – on top


Love it?
Have an even better lunch recipe? Post it here for all to enjoy!
-Heather :)

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