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“Heather is a natural healer; understanding, kind, intuitive and truly interested in the mental, physical and spiritual health or her clients. My BodyTalk sessions with Heather have allowed me to clear away the internal debris that has kept me in a holding pattern for so long. With each session my goals toward living an authentic life come closer and closer as a clear vision for my future crystallizes. I never feel better or more aware of the wonderful choices which surround me than directly after a session!”
by Guinevere, 33

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Resources For a Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free & Low Sugar Life

Fortunately, the wheat-free, dairy-free and low sugar markets are exploding. We have more options than ever before to eat great food that has zero preservatives and meets our dietary needs. Here are some of the resources I use or have used in the past, to guide me on my way:

-Living Without magazine & resource list
-Whole Foods GF Living Section
-Wheat-free Diet blog
-Grain Damaged blog
-Portland Metro Celiacs
-Food Allergy Initiative

Have any resources you can’t live without?
Do share!

–Heather :)

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