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Exciting new update! Heather is now translating messages from her Spirit Team – 5 of the non-physical entities that work with John of God in Brazil. Read their messages here.

“You have the right to glow with love, to radiate positive energy, to live fancy-pants, to talk to trees/animals/nature/God, to eat an entire chocolate bar in one sitting, to dance with magic daily, to toast every moment of joy, to sleep in most days, to smile at everyone, to take the uncharted path, to receive millions just being who you are, to love whomever you desire with the fullness of your heart. You have the right to make this your most rockin life yet. No apologies, no diminishment of self. Just all you, being your all.”

-Heather Strang

Welcome Magic Makers! I’ve created this sacred space so that you can connect to who-you-really-are – a spirit being in human form – and return to your innate wholeness (in deep, fun, sexy and exciting ways!). Search the pages that follow for tools to living a Spirit-led life  – for your health, your relationships – sexually and otherwise, your career and more.

Use the power of quantum physics, energy medicine, positive psychology and intuitive wisdom to take your health and life to the next level with my unique BodyTalk/John of God energies/Law of Attraction/intuitive soul alignment blend.

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Remember, you came here in this life, at this time, surrounded by these people for a reason...
That reason is whispering inside of you. That reason is in the aches, pains, illness and conflicts that arise in your life experience. That reason is bursting at the seams within you, trying to get your attention through a variety of synchronicities and things "going wrong". Be. Who. You. Really. Are. Now. And enjoy every moment of this journey because you are you, and that is worth celebrating.